About Us

 This Club, which currently consists of 40 members, enjoys yearly events, motorcycle rides and the bonds and friendships that were developed over the years. This group helps each other in times of need and always welcomes new members to join our family. Our members live in and around the Hudson Valley Region of New York in the Counties of Ulster, Orange, Dutchess and Greene. There are still active members retired in other States that contribute and support this group in many ways. This group proudly wears our "Colors" which are pictured below. There is no dealership attached to our group, this is just people enjoying people with one bond in common..... the love of riding, and the friendships... (well two bonds)..

Our group is Incorporated. It has a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer which are voted in yearly. Our group has Road Captains, Assistant Road Captains and numerous committee members like Activities, Historian, and Points Coordinator. We have monthly meetings that plan out our agendas and new agendas can be introduced at any time. Each December we plan out our yearly events that take place, like our Washington Memorial Ride, State Rallies, or our Lake George weekend. Some of our events have motorcycle rides involved and some do not in the winter months. When there are no events listed, there may be a pop up ride or event when weather cooperates and someone reaches out for others. Members close to each other decide to go to dinner as a group on frequent occasions.

On this website, there are numerous tabs that explore pictures, videos and calendar of Events that are shared with members only. Send us an email at ripvanwinkleriders@gmail.com for any questions, or ask when and where our next monthly meeting is, you could sit in and ask any questions before joining the group.

New members must complete an application, be sponsored by a current member, and own a motorcycle. There is a small membership fee each year to assist in minor expenses.

The Rip's look forward to continuing the bonds and friendships for many years to come.

Membership Appication